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Structured Settlement Payments - The Who and The What

by Richard M

A structured settlement is a series of payments made over a period of time. People usually get them as a result of a lawsuit. For various reasons, people who receive these payments, sometimes wish to cash them out and get a lump sum payment. There are a number of companies around who are willing to do this. You may have even seen these offers on TV. Apparently, this situation is more prevalent than one might think. Its also profitable for the companies who offer this service. Since both parties get what they want, its a win win situation, if its fair deal.

To be comfortable that you are getting a decent payout, you should do some research. Look around at all the various offers and terms to find the one that appeals to you. I suggest that you search the net to do this. Find a company that feels comfortable to you. Maybe you want to deal with a middleman. However, youll most likely wan tot go to a company that funds your payout with their own money.

Ill present some information to you in what I think is a clear and concise manner. Its up to you to review it and make up your own mind. Remember, dont just jump at the first offer you see. Even though it may ultimately be the best, youll have peace of mind if you check out more companies.

JG Wentworth - JG Wentworth has a Structured Settlement Program that will pay you for a number of these payments types. Since the payment source may vary, you have to contact them so that they can determine how easy or difficult it will be for you to get your payment. They are a very large and well respected professional company.

"J.G. Wentworth is the nations leading specialty finance company. Areas of focus include: structured settlements, annuities, private mortgage notes and inheritance bequests in probate. Their common denominator as financial assets: a deferred payment that can be purchased at a discount to its intrinsic value."

Americas Note Buyer - Americas Note Buyer is a middleman type of company. They can assist you in getting cash payments for structured settlement from personal injury suits, insurance settlements plus annuities and mortgage notes.

PPI Cash - Prosperity Partners Inc assists with payments for structured settlements, lottery winnings and other type of payment programs. They provide an easy to understand 10 points recap of what you can expect. They also have a consultants package for the potential broker.

Structured Settlement Alliance - The SSA also assists you by matching you with financial institutions. Fill out their form and theyll send you a sales piece.

Peachtree Settlement Funding - Peachtree is a quality outfit that deals not only in structured settlements but in life insurance settlements, lottery winnings, executive benefits and pre-settlement funding. The structured settlements division gives a nice overview of the process present some actual sample figures. In their How It Works section, you can begin to see what makes this all possible.

"Peachtree Settlement Funding is a specialty factoring company, which allows recipients of future cash flows to obtain an immediate lump sum in exchange for all, or a portion of, those future sums. Peachtree is the nations leading specialty factoring company and caters to people seeking to sell structured legal settlements, annuity payments, lottery prize payments, sweepstakes awards and life insurance policies. In addition, Peachtree provides cash advances to people with pending personal injury claims."

Novation Capital - They stress that they are not middlemen, but that they use their own money. They also have a 10 point FAQ plus an excellent state by state record list of the local laws. Since state laws vary, its a good place to start. In addition to Structured Settlement Payments they provide links for people who have money coming in from a lottery prize, casino jackpot or tobacco quota buyout payments.

An interesting aspect about Novation Capital is that they offer a refer-a-friend program. If you refer a new client to them, youll receive from $200 to $1,000 for your effort. As long as the deal is the same as your friend can get elsewhere, why not give it a try!

Annuity Transfers - Besides annuities, they do deal with structured settlements from lawsuits and similar payments. They warn you that the process will take at least 70 days and to beware of anyone who states otherwise.

Its possible that youve seen a TV or newspaper ad for Annuity Transfers. If you havent, just check out their website and you can see them there. Now thats the power of the internet helping you!

If youd like to get into the Structured Settlement Payments business, their Broker section gives some simple lists and easy to follow getting started articles. Upon an initial client contract, youll get $200 plus the balance of your commission if the deal closes.

"Annuity Transfers is a buyer of structured settlements and understands what is required to purchase a structured settlement."

Legal Funding Group - The Legal Funding Groups focus is geared toward pre-settlement funding. If youve got a strong case, they will give litigants a cash advance in anticipation of a favorable outcome on their lawsuit. In the event that you ultimately lose your lawsuit, you dont even have to repay the advance.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation - In addition to structured settlement payments, the Lawsuit Financial Corporation also provide pre-settlement funding cash advances. They even promote their services to attorneys who have clients that want or need money before their case is settles.

SJ Real Estate Notes - SJ Real Estate Notes deals with real estate notes, business notes, structured settlements and bankruptcy cash outs. Among the types of notes they can do include airplane notes, annuities, auto paper, boat paper, business notes, inheritance notes, lotteries, mobile homes, real estate, structured settlements and land notes.

American Cash Flow Corporation - The American Cash Flow Corporation can direct you to others who can buy all kinds of payment types.

This includes condo assessment/maintenance fees, mobile home, private mortgage real estate, business notes, aircraft private/commercial, automobile private, marine vessel, rv and business vehicles, commercial judgments, commissions, consumer judgments, corporate charitable contributions, franchise fees, license fees, royalty payments, annuities, casino winnings, prizes and awards, structured settlements, consumer collectible, bankruptcy receivable, accounts receivable, construction receivable, international receivable, medical receivable, funeral purchase assignments, viatical settlements, venture capital, purchase orders, asset based credit lines, letters of credit, delinquent commercial debt, trade acceptance drafts, partnership interests, fractional ownership interests, vendor paper, aircraft leases, equipment leases, commercial leases, farm contracts/crp, lottery, inheritance, sports contracts, license impounds, credit card charge, offs, health and country club memberships, retail installment agreements, private student loans, timeshare and vacation club memberships, delinquent consumer debt, other consumer contracts, cemetery pre and need contracts.


There are a lot of people out there who would like to do business with you. Take my advice and be careful!

Investors Note

If youve got cash available and would like to earn a better rate than you can get at banks then you may want to check out PPI Cash, Annuity Transfers, Lawsuit Financial Corporation, SJ Real Estate Notes. Annuity Transfers will give you a return of 5% to 8.5% while SJ Real Estate Notes promotes a 15% rate.

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Before becoming a fulltime website operator of such sites as <a target="_blank" href=""> and a hundred other sites, Richard M worked in the finance business for 25 years and was the Vice President of Finance for a multidimensional management services company.

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