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Financing Options to Assist You with Your Business Success

Small Business Administration (SBA) Guaranteed Loans

An approved lender, not SBA, provides the loan and SBA guarantees up to 85% of the loan depending on the amount. SBA considers a broad spectrum of businesses, with or without real estate. Each lender decides which businesses within that spectrum they might consider financing. One lender may turn down a request while the next one will choose to do the loan. National Funding has learned all the necessary documentation and how to properly package an SBA loan request.

A lender is going to want to look at a loan package that is well organized rather than one that is "just a pile of papers". They will go through the unorganized package, but it is going to take longer to make a determination than the well organized one. As an example, let's say you wanted to buy a house and your realtor presented you with two virtually identical homes, e.g. size, price, etc. While there was no structural damage to one of them, it was very messy and would require a lot of time and expense to make it comfortably livable. Which home would you choose? The clean one, of course, unless you had a lot of time on your hands and you enjoyed cleaning houses and doing yard clean-up.

We have also found who the really knowledgeable SBA lenders are. Using National Funding to help you obtain an SBA Guaranteed Loan will save you much time and money as well as frustration as we stay on the lender till a determination is made. This will free you to do what you do best. Call 503-643-9743 or click here for our contact page.

Conventional Business Loans

With few exceptions, documentation for these loans are exactly the same as for an SBA loan. The main differences are you are generally required to be in business for three or more years and since the bank will be on the loan themselves, they will often require a one to one loan amount to collateral. With an SBA loan, as long as everything else is good, a client cannot be turned down solely due to lack of collateral. Call 503-643-9743 to discuss or click here for our contact form.

Working Capital and Cash Flow Needs

These two items are the biggest problems any business faces. Companies may need to purchase inventory, raw goods or whatever. Often times they have to pay for these up front while they are waiting for their accounts receivables to be paid. This is when a line of credit, accounts receivable financing (asset based lending) or factoring can be of great benefit. Any of these options will help you purchase items and meet payroll in a timely fashion. Click here on factoring for more information or call 503-643-9743 to discuss your situation.

Another possible option to generate working capital and cash flow is through your business equipment via a sale/leaseback. Click here on leasing or call 503-643-9743 for more information.

Equity From Your Real Estate Holdings

If you own the property on which your business is being operated or own other property, you may be able to refinance to use the available equity as collateral to obtain the cash needed. There are many options, from the conventional lenders with good rates to the more expensive hard money lenders (private investors). Call 503-643-9743 to discuss or click here to go to our contact page.

Lump Sum Of Cash From An Income Stream

You may be receiving payments from one of the following:

You can sell all or part of the above income stream in order to generate a lump sum of cash now. Click on anyone for more information. If you are receiving another income stream, such as lottery winnings, contact us at 503-643-9743 or click here to go to our contact page.

Combination of Cash / Financing

Often times more than one of these options can provide the necessary funds. For example, one company could lease equipment and use factoring to handle their cash flow. Another could obtain a term business loan and a line of credit to cover their cash flow. Still another could sell an income stream they are receiving to obtain the down payment they need to purchase a business with the balance of financing through an SBA loan. National Funding looks first for the least expensive way for you to receive the necessary funds and we can be quite creative whenever required. Call us at 503-643-9743 or click here for our contact page.

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