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Cash Now For Your Real Estate Contracts or Business Notes

Real Estate Contracts/Notes and Business Notes occur when an owner of a property or business provides seller financing to a buyer of the property or business and is receiving payments (typically monthly).

If the holder of a real estate contract or business note needs cash now for whatever reason, they can liquidate all or part of the contract/note. We always encourage someone to only liquidate part of their contract/note, as they will receive more cash over time than selling all of it at once. It also allows you options for the future. You can either sell more or take back the contract/note. Another option is to sell part of your payment amount in order to raise a lump sum of cash. For example, let's say you have a contract/note with a current balance of $100,000 with a payment amount of $1,000 with 20 years left. You would like to raise $20,000 cash for a down payment on a business, but you would also like to continue receiving $500 of the $1,000 monthly payment. The contract/note purchaser would determine how many payments they would need to purchase at $500 in order to get the $20,000 you need, while you would continue receiving the other $500.

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