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Factoring Financial Services

Factoring allows you to run your business on an all cash basis!

Your time is valuable--Why waste it? You need to spend your time on what is important--that is, running your business! Filling our applications for many different factoring companies is time-consuming. You can actually save both time and money by letting National Funding Resource Associates do your searching. You save time because we do all the legwork in finding the best factoring company. You save money in two ways. First, since your time translates to money, not having to do all the searching is a definite savings. Secondly, you don't have to pay us a fee; the factoring company pays us and they don't charge you more because you are using a broker. Also, we do not charge any up front fees or loan origination fees. Be careful! Some brokers do charge such fees..

Benefits of Factoring

  • Initial funding can occur in five to ten business days
  • Once established, funding can occur in 24-48 hours as invoices are submitted
  • You can take advantage of purchase or prepayment discounts
  • The factor can provide credit assessment of your customers, new or existing
  • Free monthly A/R reporting
  • Initial funding can occure in five to ten business days
  • No monthly payments
  • No debt is created on your balance sheet
  • Your "credit line" grows as your business expands

For additional information read Louise Pointers' article:
Factoring Invoices - How to Get Off The Cash Flow Merry-Go-Round

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