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Leasing Highlights

What Can Be Financed?

Most equipment including office furniture, computers, medical equipment, and even software; virtually anything can be financed, including the cost of delivery and installation. We get you the credit line and you select the equipment you need.

What About Used Equipment?

We gladly accept used equipment. EVEN EQUIPMENT OVER 10 YEARS OLD! Plus we can also do sale / leasebacks. What this means is, if a business owns equipment and is having cash flow problems, they can choose to sell their equipment to a leasing company and then lease it back. The leasing company gives them the agreed to cash at the time of closing.

How To Apply:

In most cases, it takes only a simple one-page application form for amounts needed up to $75,000. For over $75,000, additional financial information may be needed.

Payments & Term:

We will custom tailor the term and monthly payment to fit the client’s budget. Terms are typically anywhere from 36 to 84 months. Normally, the first and last monthly payments are all that are required for the down payment.


Monthly payments can be fully tax deductible, which is a faster write-off than depreciation.


It preserves your cash flow for other needs as your business continues to grow.

Is There A Limit On The Dollar Amount?

The only “limit” is at the “low end”. We start at $1,000 and there is no maximum.

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